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India's Gemini FX continues investment in Quantel solutions

August 18, 2014
India's Gemini FX continues investment in Quantel solutions
CHENNAI, INDIA — Gemini FX, the Chennai-based digital film operation that’s part of the Gemini Industries and Imaging group, has purchased three turnkey Quantel ( Pablo Rio 4K color and finishing systems. One of the systems is equipped with the Neo color panel, while the other two are paired with compact Neo Nano panels. Gemini now has a total of 12 Quantel color correction and finishing systems, making it the largest Quantel-outfitted post facility in India.
Pablo Rio is Quantel's high-quality color and finishing system. Pablo Rio runs on high-performance PC hardware and exploits Nvidia Maximus multi-GPU technology to deliver realtime performance at 4K 60p and beyond. The solution is also available as software-only product.

"Quantel systems have been at the heart of our digital film workflow since 2009," explains Manohar Prasad, managing director at Gemini. "At Gemini, we pride ourselves on giving our customers stunning results on-screen, delivered quickly and efficiently. With the industry rapidly moving to 4K and beyond, we needed to ensure that we are able to meet our all our customers' needs now and into the future. Pablo Rio, with its proven realtime 4K and 6K operation and its comprehensive color and finishing workflow, is the natural choice to take Gemini forward."