NAB 2014: ProMax plans shared storage giveaway
March 20, 2014

NAB 2014: ProMax plans shared storage giveaway

SANTA ANA, CA — ProMax Systems, which manufactures multi-functional, high-performance shared storage servers and editing workstations, is celebrating its 20th year in business with a giveaway of one of its Platform Studio shared storage systems at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. By entering at the ProMax booth (SL5422), NAB attendees will be eligible to win a 16TB Platform Studio Shared Storage System, complete with connectivity, remote installation and one full year of support. 

The giveaway represents a $9,500 value and includes a 16TB RAID optimized for video streaming, six ports of 1GbE connectivity, USB3 and FW800 expansion ports, remote installation service and one year of preferred support.
“It’s been a significant year of expansion for ProMax Platform’s development and visibility in the video shared storage arena,” notes, ProMax CEO, Jess Hartmann. “We are excited to share the Platform’s unique multi-function and high performance capabilities with all NAB attendees looking to do more than just share storage in their workflows.”  

Enter the contest by visiting the company’s Website at: