NAB 2014: Pronology offers Web-based solution for tapeless workflows
April 6, 2014

NAB 2014: Pronology offers Web-based solution for tapeless workflows

LAS VEGAS — Pronology (, a New York-based developer of tapeless workflow solutions, is showcasing the latest version of its asset management software at NAB this year. The Pronology system provides users with the option of working in the cloud, via an internal intranet or via a secure Pronology-hosted network. By using a standard Web-browser as its primary interface, Pronology allows a limitless number of users to simultaneously and remotely perform a number of actions, including acquire, organize and transcode. 

Pronology’s custom-designed hardware agnostic, ingest-control application can directly manage recording devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers. In order to efficiently manage approvals remotely, Pronology enables post staff to e-mail a link to one or a group of producers/clients seeking comments and editorial authorization for recorded and edited content. This link is completely encrypted, allowing for off-site viewing, while maintaining content security. 

As an extension of its approval functionality, Pronology offers Web video hosting and advanced content delivery services, including multi-platform distribution and VOD delivery for clients looking to monetize their content on the “other” screens. 

Pronology also includes a complete archive solution. Imported and/or recorded content and its associated metadata can be preserved to both LTO data tape as well as to the cloud. Users have the option to control a single LTO tape drive or a multi-drive robot to create an open-standard LTFS formatted backup manually or automatically. This gives users the ability to create full or partial restores of media directly from their browser.  

In addition, the Pronology system offers users enhanced feature-rich production tools, realtime logging, sub-clipping and storyboarding functions.