NAB 2014: Rampant Design Tools partners with That Studio
April 9, 2014

NAB 2014: Rampant Design Tools partners with That Studio

LAS VEGAS — Rampant Design Tools ( has announced a strategic partnership with That Studio (, a global, online production and visual effects studio founded by Kanen Flowers and Alan Edward Bell. As a result of the partnership, Rampant Design Tools is rebranding and refocusing its entire library of practical VFX elements. Beginning immediately, Rampant Design Tools will offer its drag and drop QuickTime elements in two distinct and targeted product categories: Indie Essentials and Studio Essentials.

“Over the years, Kanen Flowers and That Studio have built a large and loyal following in the indie filmmaking community,” explains Sean Mullen, president and founder of Rampant Design Tools. “His fans look to him for advice and guidance on the crowded, and often times, confusing marketplace for tools for filmmakers. Partnering with Kanen is a significant opportunity for Rampant Design Tools to reach this vast community of users, and give them the tools they need to get their projects done. Kanen has deep roots and experience with this market, so our new relationship will be a big win for our users.”

The first of the new collections, Indie Essentials, will be marketed and sold by That Studio and will offer libraries of QuickTime elements targeted at the indie filmmaker and freelance artist/editor. Indie Essentials VFX include QuickTime files (up to 2K) and are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Nuke, and Avid systems. Indie Essentials delivers almost 100GBs of content, with elements such as 2K snow, 2K dust and dirt, 2K embers, 2K sparks, 2K fog and 2K smoke, cinematic flares, creature kit (eyes, mouths, wounds and creature textures), and sound effects.

The second of the new collections is Studio Essentials, which will be marketed, sold and supported by Rampant, and will offer libraries of high resolution (5K, 4K, 2K) QuickTime elements designed for higher end post production and Hollywood studios. 

Studio Essentials includes Rampant Design Tools’ entire library of elements, including the Rampant Cinema Series 5K, Rampant Broadcast Series 4K, Rampant Production Series 2K, and Rampant Essentials 2K drives — high-resolution QuickTime-based, drag-and-drop elements. 
While Studio Essentials includes thousands of 5K effects, all of the Studio Essentials are available in 2K, 4K and 5K. Studio Essentials are available on USB 3.0 drives, or users can select the 2K and 4K elements as downloads if preferred. Some of the elements offered in Studio Essentials include studio fire, studio dust, embers & sparks, studio smoke, studio snow, studio flash and transitions.