April 8, 2014

NAB 2014: Sony announces upgrade path for F5, adds on-board ProRes recording

LAS VEGAS — Sony (www.pro.sony.com) has announced on-board Apple ProRes recording as a future hardware upgrade option for its F5 and F55 CineAlta 4K cameras. ProRes files will be stored and recorded internally to the F5 and F55 via Sony’s SxS Pro+ memory cards. According to Sony, its SxS Pro+ cards are designed to prevent file corruption thanks to their design, and offer sustained writing speeds of 187MB/s. 

“Sony is firmly committed to the on-going development of the F5 and F55 cameras and their flexible architecture allows room for these upgrades to occur without the need to buy a new camera body,” explains Peter Crithary, marketing manager for CineAlta cameras at Sony Electronics. “For those who already own or are purchasing the F5 and F55, ProRes will be provided as an option board. With the addition of ProRes, both the F5 and F55 cameras are very well positioned to serve a greater range of production applications.”

Additionally, Sony has announced an upgrade path for F5 buyer that will allow them to turn their cameras into F55 models as their production needs evolve.