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NAB 2014: Tektronix offers 4K upgrade path for WFM8300

April 8, 2014
NAB 2014: Tektronix offers 4K upgrade path for WFM8300
LAS VEGAS – Tektronix ( is at NAB 2014 with a 4K upgrade to its WFM8300 waveform monitor. The company is demonstrating how they are helping protect customers’ investments by giving them a direct upgrade path without the need to replace existing products. The upgraded WFM8300 can perform a broad range of 4K measurements, including four tile displays of waveform, picture, vector, gamut and eye diagram.

“Deploying 4K is a significant step and investment for any organization,” notes Eben Jenkins, general manager, video product line, Tektronix. “Customers who purchase or have already purchased the WFM8300 will be able to add 4K support as a simple upgrade. What’s more, customers can continue to purchase the equipment they need for their existing requirements, secure in the knowledge that when the time comes to roll out 4K, they can easily upgrade.”