Riptide Music merges with Pigfactory Music Publishing
February 28, 2014

Riptide Music merges with Pigfactory Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES — Riptide Music and Pigfactory Music Publishing, two music sync licensing and publishing companies, recently merged to form the Riptide Music Group, LLC ( The company’s services include the worldwide synchronization of music from its expansive catalogues for film, television, movie trailers, advertising, and videogames. In addition, the company will provide services for the international collection of publishing royalties.

Recent licensing credits from Riptide Music and Pigfactory include music placements within episodes of Breaking Bad, the movie trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, commercials for BMW, and the trailer promoting the videogame Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

Riptide Music Group’s newly combined music roster includes songs by Fatboy Slim, Iggy Pop, the Turtles, the Black Eyed Peas, Deadly Avenger, Airborne Toxic Event, and Dirty Vegas.

“There is a real need within the entertainment, media, and advertising industries today for a publishing administration company with an equally strong focus on both proactive sync and worldwide royalty collection,” says Riptide Music president Rich Goldman. “The Riptide Music Group now fills that need.”

Riptide Music executive VP Bob Kaminsky, Pigfactory CEO Keatly Haldeman, and Riptide Music president Rich Goldman.

“With the merger of Riptide Music and Pigfactory as the Riptide Music Group, we have the ability to offer our administration clients the greatest possible exposure within the industry to potential syncing opportunities, on a worldwide basis,” adds Pigfactory CEO Keatly Haldeman. 

The new Riptide Music Group is comprised of three operating units. Riptide Rights will oversee master and publishing rights for both administration and sync representation. Riptide One is a carefully curated catalog of independent artists, bands, and composers which offers a diverse range of music for licensing in television, movie trailers, films, videogames and advertising. And Pacifica Music is a modern production music catalog previously established as a joint venture between Riptide Music and Pigfactory.