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Rob Sephton joins the Todd-Soundelux team

March 13, 2014
Rob Sephton joins the Todd-Soundelux team
HOLLYWOOD — Supervising sound editor and sound designer Rob Sephton has joined post production sound company Todd-Soundelux ( in Hollywood. Sephton worked as a supervising sound editor at Sony Pictures, and spent 15 years at Walt Disney Studios, where he also served in the operational leadership for that company’s post production sound department. His feature credits include work on Remember the Titans, Spirited Away, The Smurfs, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, and last summer’s The Smurfs 2.

“Rob Sephton is a wonderfully talented sound professional with great creative instincts and a lot of experience dealing with highly complex and demanding projects,” said Kevin O’Connell, who, in addition to working as a re-recording mixer at Todd-Soundelux, also serves as the company’s chief creative officer. “The team at Todd-Soundelux is in the middle of a highly-dynamic process to evolve as a talent-friendly and client-centric post production sound company, and the creative community is showing a great deal of interest in what is happening here. Rob’s decision to join our group is a meaningful development, suggesting that we are taking the right steps in our efforts to build a strong group of creative talent, and stake out a continued leadership position in our industry for many years to come.”

"My career, first as a musician and later as a designer of sound, has been shaped and influenced by a number of kind, gifted and generous artists,” adds Sephton. “One of the transformative experiences in my life was meeting Kevin O’Connell, who provided me a Master Class on how to be a better sound artist. Kevin is an inspirational leader, and his decision to help lead Todd-Soundelux sends an important message to our community about the magnitude and credibility of the evolution currently underway at this iconic company.”