SIGGRAPH 2014: Guerilla Render for look development & lighting
August 8, 2014

SIGGRAPH 2014: Guerilla Render for look development & lighting

PARIS - Mercenaries Engineering ( is at SIGGRAPH with Guerilla Render, a professional rendering, look development and lighting solution that’s specifically designed for the animation and the VFX industries. The tool has been used in film and television production since 2008. 

Optimized for look development and lighting tasks, Guerilla Render features easy and productive rendering, without sacrificing flexibility and performance.
New features include an improved production workflow with the RenderGraph system, a new eye shader, support for OpenVDB and FumeFX fluids, and support for deep images using deep OpenEXR. The tool also provides volumetric rendering, with infinite volume, fast opacity rendering, physically plausible skylight, and the Yeti hair system - a new fur procedural. In addition an improved python SDK is available.

The new Guerilla Render ( is due out later this year, and will be released with one free connected license per IP - commercial use included. System requirements include: Windows 64/Linux x64, an Nvidia video card, and a permanent Internet connection.