SIGGRAPH 2014: Imagineer showing new planar tracking technology
August 11, 2014

SIGGRAPH 2014: Imagineer showing new planar tracking technology

GUILDFORD, UK — Imagineer Systems (, creators of Mocha Planar Tracking technology, is at this year’s Siggraph with its new Mocha Pro V.4. The new Mocha Pro V.4 features a brand new Stereoscopic 3D workflow, Python scripting support, customizable keyboard shortcuts, new exports and format handling, as well as additional improvements for visual effects facilities. 

“We continue to see VFX growth in feature films and effects-heavy episodic television,” says Ross Shain, chief marketing officer of Imagineer Systems. “Our customers asked for stereoscopic 3D support, so we took on the challenge and produced a time saving workflow, in which an artist can planar track between the left and right views. The result is a highly-efficient workflow for stereo 3D tracking, roto, camera solving, and better object removal (clean plating). Additionally, Python scripting is a feature that customers have requested for a long time. We’re happy to provide these types of tools in Mocha Pro 4, which addresses many of the growing demands of today’s VFX and post production facilities.”

Featured highlights include new Stereoscopic 3D workflow that adds stereo support to planar tracking, rotoscoping, object removal and 3D camera solving. It also adds the capability to work on uncorrected, native stereo 3D footage. Python scripting support allows facilities to further customize their workflows, integrating Mocha Pro 4 deeper into the visual effects production pipe. The customizable keyboard shortcut interface enables Mocha Pro 4 users to edit and save customizable keyboard layouts or select industry standard keyboard layouts such as Adobe After Effects or Nuke. New exports and format handling includes support for Adobe Premiere Pro masks, Nuke 7 Tracker export and improved Nuke Roto exports. Version 4 also improves QuickTime and MPEG support. Premiere editors can now paste Mocha roto masks directly to their timeline for advanced isolation, blurring and color correction tasks.

Imagineer Systems also recently released the new Mocha Plus. Replacing Mocha AE, Mocha Plus adds professional VFX modules including a 3D camera solver, lens correction tools for After Effects and support for copying and pasting Mocha roto masks directly to the Premiere Pro timeline. Mocha Plus also supports a multitude of compositing and NLE applications, including recent versions of Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro CC 2014, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, HitFilm, and Boris FX plug-ins.