SIGGRAPH 2014: Shotgun debuts review app for iPhone
August 12, 2014

SIGGRAPH 2014: Shotgun debuts review app for iPhone

LOS ANGELES — Shotgun Software (, the developer of cloud-based production tracking, review & approval, and asset management tools, has launched a new mobile app that brings the power of its Shotgun Review to the iPhone. Company founder/CEO Don Parker (pictured) shared the news at the SIGGRAPH show in Vancouver.

The new iPhone release is Shotgun’s first mobile app and allows supervisors to take their projects anywhere they go. The app provides a full set of tools to review projects and give their artists clear, visual feedback on work in progress. 

Supervisors using the iPhone app can browse media and playlists in all projects, play back movies, annotate on one or more frames in the movie, give feedback with notes and attach camera images or movies, and see a history of related versions and their notes.

“Having Shotgun on my iPhone is a complete life saver,” says VFX supervisor Joshua Saeta, who has been beta testing Shotgun Review for iPhone and recently worked on the films Sin City 2 and Earth to Echo. “I could be in the middle of a shoot in New Mexico and have the director take a quick look at a digital matte painting and get feedback right there on-set, on the fly, and get it back to my artists. Having the flexibility to get basic feedback instantly on a device that everyone carries in their back pockets is invaluable.”