Alpha1 mobile film lab rolls into NYC
June 15, 2015

Alpha1 mobile film lab rolls into NYC

NEW YORK — UK-based Alpha Grip ( showed off its mobile film processing center in New York City today, underscoring its support for directors and studios who prefer celluloid filmmaking to digital. The Alpha1 measures 42 feet long and can be deployed to any film set or studio around the world. It features a dark room, workshop, 4K scanning capabilities and the ability to develop film at a rate of 50 feet per minute, and up to 20,000 feet of film during an eight-hour shift.

“The Alpha1 Lab is the answer to shooting physical film on location,” says John Tadros, Alpha Grip’s managing director. “We’re excited at the prospect that every studio and director around the world who chooses to shoot on film can have an Alpha Lab available and deployed to their doorstep.”

The mobile lab becomes fully functional within two hours of arriving. The truck is generator powered when docked, eliminating the need for supplied power. Additionally, the Alpha1 is an eco-friendly, Thames Water-licensed facility, featuring an on-board electronic chemical mixing lab through Kodak Kit chemistry. It houses all of its chemical waste for proper disposal at off-site facilities.
“The broad support of film we are seeing from studios and directors alike has been amazing,” adds Andrew Evenski, Kodak’s president of entertainment & commercial films. “Kodak is all in on film and we will continue to support creative ways to deliver the best products from the best people. Alpha Grip is streamlining the filmmaking process and we’re excited about how it can transform the film industry.”