Atomos upgrades Shogun monitor/recorder
March 19, 2015

Atomos upgrades Shogun monitor/recorder

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — The Atomos Shogun monitor/recorder has only been around for a few months, but is already finding its way into filmmaking. Shogun combines a 4K ProRes 10-bit recorder, a seven-inch 1920x1200 high pixel density monitor, professional balanced XLR audio, and seamless conversion between HDMI and HD-SDI workflows within a lightweight, durable polycarbonate/ABS body.

The company has now released a firmware update (AtomOS6.2) which expands the unit’s features. Enhancements include 3D LUTs, DNxHR (4K) recording, DNxHD (HD) recording, 4K UHD to HD down scaling, file preview in the playback screen and a revamped audio display interface. The updates are free.

The LUT feature on Shogun allows users to upload any LUT in the ".cube" format, either common LUTs such as SLog2, Slog3, CLog, or their own user defined LUT, by simply loading it on the SSD and uploading up to eight files in flash memory on the Shogun. Using the new monitor icon, users can toggle between eight LUTs for different effects regardless of the codec used.

The implementation of Avid DNxHR 4K recording and DNxHD recording brings 422, 10-bit quality over HDMI or HD-SDI. The license fee for using these Avid
codecs is covered for free by Atomos, with users simply needing to register their device at The enhancement makes the monitor/recorder a viable solution for Apple, Avid and Adobe workflows.

The 4K to HD downscale feature works at the same framerate on the HDMI loop out, SDI loop out and playback. To make managing files on the Shogun easier for playback, a preview screen has been added behind the file name so that directors and DPs can collaborate quickly, getting straight to the
scene and take they want to review.

In addition, XLR balanced analog audio monitoring and recording has been added, complete with 48V phantom power for microphones.