Bulltiger produces, posts 'Vintage Racer'
July 2, 2015

Bulltiger produces, posts 'Vintage Racer'

AUSTIN, TX – Bulltiger (www.bulltigerproductions.com) travelled to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway recently to shoot their upcoming documentary, Vintage Racer. The shoot took place during SVRA’s “Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational” and follows seven of the event’s more than 400 drivers, who race their vintage and historic cars at the event.

Vintage Racer is a story about classic car enthusiasts and their pursuit of fast cars, primarily from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. The racers all have dynamic personalities, matching the aura of their classic vehicles, and this helps drive the storyline. 

“We follow the lives of unique individuals as they compete with some of our favorite vintage cars that have been restored and converted into custom racing machines,” says producer Mark Mcilyar. “This is an amateur sport — no prize money, no trophies — just the thrill of competition at every level.”

The production was lead by director Randall P. Dark and executive producer, Stephen Brent Jenkins. Twelve cameras were used on location to capture the drivers, track, paddock and pit lane.

In addition, photographer Sharon Rankin took over 7,000 still images to enhance the documentary. 

“When we started the project, we thought the stars would be the fast, sexy cars,” says Bulltiger producer Kate Meehan, “but we discovered so many wonderful personalities along the way that we quickly shifted focus to the racers themselves, the love of their cars, and their camaraderie around the track.” 

Bulltiger is deep into post production at this point. In addition to the one-hour documentary, Bulltiger is exploring the expansion of the project into a 13-episode series, where it will follow additional racers and cars as they compete across the country.

 Left: Bulltiger's Stephen Brent Jenkins and Randall P. Dark with a "vintage racer."