Careers: Sound designer Erik Aadahl's tips for success
May 28, 2015

Careers: Sound designer Erik Aadahl's tips for success

LOS ANGELES — Sound designer Erik Aadahl appears on the latest episode of Inside Quest, “a Web series for the intellectually adventurous.” Tom Bilyeu, president of Quest Nutrition, interviews individuals who have achieved success. The show taps into the mindsets of successful entrepreneurs across backgrounds and industries. A two-time Oscar nominee, Aadahl has contributed to numerous feature films, including Godzilla, Transformers and Argo.

In the episode Aadahl provides his 5 Tips to Success:

1 - Express
“As Einstein smartly said,’Expression is necessary to evolution.’ This is key to manifesting the meaning of your life. Find your awe, your source of passion, and express it.”

2 - Listen    
“If we are making noise all the time, there’s no room left to hear anything. Actively listening is a path to learning, finding clarity by being in the moment and aware.”

3 - Ain’t nothing to it but to do it
“Fitness guru Ronnie Coleman spoke these wise words. We can ponder and plan indefinitely, but the key to action is overcoming inertia and executing that plan. Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.”

4 - Stick and move
“My friend Greg Russell, who has 16 Oscar nominations, applied this boxing strategy to working on movies. Once you start something, keep the momentum going. Stick and Move.”

5 - Simplicity
“It’s easy to be overwhelmed by minutiae. When you’re myopic, you see the blade of grass clearly but may be losing view of the bigger landscape and horizon. Simplify your goals into broad directions for yourself to avoid getting stuck in the brambles.”