Codex Production Suite simplifies Apple workflows
September 10, 2015

Codex Production Suite simplifies Apple workflows

LONDON — Codex ( is launching the Codex Production Suite at IBC, a new, Mac-based dailies and archiving system that’s designed for digital motion picture, episodic TV and commercials production workflows. Codex Production Suite is designed to suit any production and budget, supporting both RAW and compressed camera formats. With Codex Production Suite available across three hardware options, the unified Codex workflow is capable of managing the data requirements of any production independent of the camera.

Among the key features of Codex Production Suite are a range of powerful color management and color grading tools. Codex Production Suite delivers support for ACES color pipelines and is compatible with Codex Live for streamlined color from camera through to deliverables and beyond. Non-destructive, CDL-based color grading tools, supported via Tangent panels, enable users to create or modify looks and communicate them through to editorial and the final color grade. CDLs and LUTs can be imported and processed so that externally-created “looks” can be applied, either overall or on a shot-by-shot basis. These looks can be baked into editorial dailies or appended in the metadata information for other deliverables.

Codex Production Suite readily integrates with the Codex Capture Drive Dock or Capture Drive 2.0 Dock to enable fast and efficient copying of camera original negative to a hard drive. Users simply need to add a Codex CFast 2.0 reader to ingest files from Arri Amira or Mini (ProRes), or Canon EOS C300 Mark II (XF-AVC) and will get a complete, tested workflow. 

Powerful tools for metadata checking, fixing and appending, allows metadata to be attached to dailies for increased efficiency in post production, and QC tools enable users to flag any issues, make notes and generate a detailed QC report, with or without thumbnails. 

Codex Production Suite delivers fast and high-quality transcoding to common dailies formats, including Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD and H.264, and well as high-quality debayering to DPX and Open EXR for VFX deliverables. Audio sync tools support the import of WAV files, playback of shots in a proxy window, and synchronization of audio files to the shots, based on timecode. LTFS archiving with full verification is to LTO-6 tape with Codex Archive.