India studio Nube chooses FilmLight's Baselight Two
October 8, 2015

India studio Nube chooses FilmLight's Baselight Two

LONDON — FilmLight ( has sold a Baselight Two grading system to Nube Studio in India, which opened this past June. The studio caters to the Indian market and specializes in providing services for commercials, music videos, television and films throughout the region. Since opening, the studio has completed jobs for BMW, Philips, Godrej Air, Kit Kat, Honda, Nescafe, Olay and Jaguar, among others.

Baselight’s ability to handle raw files from any camera on the same timeline was a major selling point. “Baselight delivers on every feature without restricting the creative process,” says senior colorist/co-founder, Navin Shetty. “I am able to concentrate on grading and never compromise on quality or inspiration.”

Even at HDR 4K resolution, the Baselight system is able to deliver realtime playback. “Clients are not kept waiting, and with the help of the superior grading tools they can see the final result immediately,” Shetty adds. “For clients, the faster system equals staying within budget.”

“At FilmLight, we developed our core systems to provide realtime performance even when there is a multi-level grade on top of the raw image,” notes FilmLight CEO, Wolfgang Lempp. “Baselight takes away the technical constraints of transcoding, proxies and unpredictable performance and leaves the colorist to achieve the best look in the shortest time.”