Luxion plug-ins extend support to Maya & Cinema 4D
August 11, 2015

Luxion plug-ins extend support to Maya & Cinema 4D

TUSTIN, CA — Luxion, the developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and the maker of KeyShot, a realtime ray tracing and global illumination program, is at SIGGRAPH in LA this week, demonstrating plug-in support and advanced import options for Autodesk Maya 2016 and Maxon Cinema 4D. 

The integration allows Maya 2016 and Cinema 4D users to install a plug-in that enables export of the respective software files directly to KeyShot. Additionally, users have full LiveLinking support to update model change in KeyShot, and may export KeyShot .bip files without the need to have KeyShot installed. Artists will now have a way of using KeyShot directly from within the applications.

Image: Gurmukh Bhasin, Courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games

Support for Autodesk Maya allows direct import of model and animation into KeyShot. The plug-in adds complete export capabilities that allow users to retain model hierarchy as well as material colors and textures. Additional support for animations allow animations to be brought into KeyShot and rendered. 

The new plug-in for Maxon Cinema 4D adds to the existing direct import options available in KeyShot, allowing artists to import and retain model hierarchy, grouped objects and cameras, as well as import animations to complete the rendering faster inside KeyShot. 

The Cinema4D plug-in is available now from, and the Maya plug-in will be available with the release of KeyShot 6. Current KeyShot users interested in beta testing the Maya plug-in may contact the company (