New NYC agency keeps it 'Nimble'
May 6, 2015

New NYC agency keeps it 'Nimble'

NEW YORK — Nimble Division ( is a new agency that marks the evolution of three distinct companies: MindSmack TV (production and post), The Smack Pack (branding, strategy and design), and Social Prompter (social media events).

According to Mike Feuer, who’s a partner and owner in the company, along with Todd Feuer, the newly-launched agency is designed to be “nimble,” allowing them to thrive in the changing marketplace and work more directly with brands and corporations. Together, they are joined by a third partner, David Buivid, whose history with the duo goes back to when MindSmack first opened eight years ago. 

“I was one of the first three employees,” Buivid recalls. “About three years ago I saw an opportunity to create an expertise in Web and brand marketing, so over the past three years we built a team called The Smack Pack to service clients that didn’t only have production and post needs, but more so needed help understanding their brand and communicating their value across all channels. Todd and Mike allowed me to incubate this idea, essentially creating a branding agency, and now we are all bringing it back together under the umbrella of Nimble Division.”

Nimble Division's (L-R) Todd Feuer, Mike Feuer and David Buivid

“The idea is that we are not just a post house and production company anymore,” says Mike Feuer, “we are a full-blown agency. We have grown from starting out that way — doing Web and design development — and have graduated to brand strategy and design, helping companies achieve their goals. It’s a new team, and we have a new partner — David — who specializes in strategy and managing teams to bring that to fruition.”

Todd Feuer adds that the studio business has been changing. “We found that a lot of clients we are dealing with are tired of the big agency. They want more interaction with the people doing work. That seems to be a trend and we are in the position to do very well going forward.”

“Larger agencies are the antithesis of ‘nimble,’” adds Buivid.

The team will offer soup-to-nuts services, including writing, scripting, shooting and posting projects, but their strategic contributions are where they feel they can differentiate themselves from competing facilities.

“Clients come in with varying degrees of understanding of their own position and concept,” says Buivid, “so sometimes we help them figure out what is the best approach to help them connect with their audience. Other times they will know, but need expertise.”

“We’ll work with them to help hash things out,” adds Mike Feuer.

In positioning the business for the future, the trio has the ability to not only produce and post content for the Web, but also create the whole environment in which that content lives. Their team is young, and has grown up with digital DNA, with an acute understanding of how Web content is consumed, and how to position it for the target audience, which is increasingly millennial and consumes media on mobile devices, tablets and computers seamlessly. Nimble Division launches with a new Website. The studio is expanding its physical space, too, adding to its existing footprint on West 43rd St.