Not to Scale signs multi-discipline director Kris Merc
October 12, 2015

Not to Scale signs multi-discipline director Kris Merc

NEW YORK — Film and animation content studio Not to Scale ( recently signed director Kris Merc for representation worldwide. Merc is known for a style that blends multiple genres and visual approaches, including most forms of animation, design and live action. His credits include work with De La Soul, The Peach Kings and Spirit Animal, among others, and projects with brands that include HTC, Ziploc, Reebok, and Nintendo.

Merc often employs a “bricolage” technique for his design and short film work, layering narratives with elements of surprise and visual slight of hand.

"He has a unique vision married with a depth of influence and technical knowledge that ranges across most forms of animation, design and live action,” says  Dan O’Rourke, founder/chief executive producer at Not To Scale. “He is equally comfortable with telling stories by utilizing cell animation, CG animation or live action, which is rare. In that sense, he is a true renaissance man. Not To Scale New York continues its quest to sign exciting young American filmmakers, and with Kris we have found a friendly welcoming soul with a keen eye and an ability to deliver a range of thought provoking film content for a wide range of clients and media.”

“I’m thrilled about the opportunity to work with Not To Scale,” adds Merc. “I love to make things, and even when I'm not killing it on a commercially-commissioned piece, I'm out making my own thing, or finding a music video to make, or exciting talents to collaborate with, my goal always being about perfection of craft, and perfecting and exploring next level narratives. In addition to music videos and commercial work, I have a real passion for illustration, photography, and filmmaking.”

Prior to Not to Scale, Merc directed at 1st Ave. Machine, Humble, and Chrlx.