Quantum showcases new intelligent archive appliance for NAS-based production
April 10, 2015

Quantum showcases new intelligent archive appliance for NAS-based production

SAN JOSE, CA — Quantum Corp. (www.quantum.com) is highlighting its new Artico intelligent NAS archive appliance at this year’s 2015 NAB.

According to Quantum, Artico offers broadcast and post production facilities using scale-out NAS systems a flexible, low-cost entry point for establishing media archives — outside of StorNext environments — that can scale to hold petabytes of content across Quantum's Lattus extended online, Scalar tape and Q-Cloud Archive storage. Powered by Quantum's StorNext 5 software and providing a simple NAS presentation, Artico incorporates StorNext Storage Manager policies to put the right content in the right place at the right time for maximizing storage efficiency and reducing total costs. When used in combination with any StorNext-qualified media asset management (MAM) system, Artico can move files seamlessly from online storage to longer-term archive with no user intervention, while maintaining full access to the files.

Boasting new features, Quantum says Artico maximizes workflow efficiency and reduces storage costs. The company points to today's media facilities, critical file-based workflows — including video production, animation, rendering and creative graphics — that depend on sharing content across a variety of storage systems and media. As these workflows evolve and the quantity of large files stored on disparate storage systems grows, these facilities can rely on Artico to provide transparent, scalable and efficient archiving of all media content and assets. As a result, users can offload large files from expensive NAS systems and reduce overall storage costs, including those related to space, power and cooling.

“The Artico intelligent NAS archive appliance delivers critical media management capabilities with the power to transform the way an organization handles its content archive,” says Alex Grossman, VP, media and entertainment, Quantum. “With Artico, scale-out NAS users can optimize their use of media storage while gaining the ability to access content from any archive platform — all of which results in significant time and cost savings that make it easier for media facilities to achieve their creative and business goals."