SolidAnim brings virtual production solutions to IBC
September 10, 2015

SolidAnim brings virtual production solutions to IBC

PARIS — SolidAnim (, which specializes in virtual production products, is showing its framing software SolidFrame at the IBC show in Amsterdam. SolidFrame is an interactive tool designed for animators and cinematographers to explore a large collection of shots, and rapidly create and compare multiple edits of the same animation. Designed for virtual production and rapid prototyping of synthetic movies, the tool assists the filmmaker in exploring the cinematographic possibilities of the 3D scene.

The company is also showcasing the latest version of its SolidTrack solution and presenting its new virtual camera, SolidVCam (aka, Méliès) for the first time. SolidTrack is a realtime camera tracking solution for recording camera moves and data logging of camera moves on the virtual set. The simple yet versatile marker-less camera tracking system allows filmmakers to shoot both indoors and outdoors with the same high quality results. SolidTrack has a new broadcast version. The company also recently integrated Unity 5, a powerful realtime rendering engine, into SolidTrack for live integration of virtual sets and tracking data.
Mr Méliès is SolidAnim’s new virtual camera. It’s equipped with SolidTrack camera realtime markerless tracking technology, Motion Builder and the Unity plug-in. The smart, portable viewer meets the needs of any virtual production project, including on-set previs, virtual shows, or cinematics. The camera offers a new virtual experience without any constraints. Mr. Méliès, has a full stabilizer HD monitor, With Mr. Méliès, users can frame the real world to the virtual world.

Finally, Ross Video has teamed up with SolidAnim to offer SolidTrack universal camera tracking system for in-studio and in-venue applications. Ross will focus on broadcast and live production applications for the realtime camera tracking and pre-visualization solution, including the manufacturing and distribution of Ross SolidTrack systems.