SolidAnim showing new camera-tracking technology
April 9, 2015

SolidAnim showing new camera-tracking technology

PARIS — SolidAnim (, a developer of virtual production products, is showcasing the latest version of its SolidTrack solution at NAB 2015. The company is also introducing its new virtual camera, SolidVCam, for the film and broadcast industries. SolidTrack is a realtime, camera-tracking solution for recording camera moves and data logging of camera moves on the virtual set.  This simple-yet-versatile, markerless camera tracking system for the film and broadcast industries is designed to address virtual production needs. It allows filmmakers to shoot both indoors and outdoors, and is both ergonomic and intuitive. 

The realtime, markerless tracking and previz solution records camera moves and logs the data of camera moves on the virtual set. It allows the tracking of all camera types as well as the overview of special effects in realtime while shooting. Solidtrack is mobile and can be set up in just 10 minutes. The solution is comprised of one cable and one light-weight survey camera. The latest version of SolidTrack offers a wireless option, a smaller and lighter camera survey and a new platform compatible with Linux.
SolidVCam is a new virtual camera equipped with SolidTrack realtime markerless tracking technology. It comes with MotionBuilder and a Unity plug-in. The camera offers a virtual experience without any constraints (no markers, no mocap equipment). SolidVcam has a fully-stabilized HD monitor that can be rotated for shooting in any position. 

SolidTrack and SolidVcam will be demonstrated in Ultimatte's booth at NAB (SL5017).