UK's Jungle upgrades with Genelec monitors
March 11, 2015

UK's Jungle upgrades with Genelec monitors

LONDON — Jungle (, the Soho-based sound design and music facility, has upgraded its cinema suite, installing a Genelec 1238A tri-amplified SAM monitor system. The installation complements the studio’s 24-fader Fairlight console.

Jungle recently refurbished its Wardour Street offices to bring all of its audio facilities under one roof. As part of move, it built a new cinema space, with similar dimensions to the old facility, but with a more efficient and accurate sound system capable of producing stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 content. The company’s decision to go with the Genelec solution was twofold: SAM systems have the ability to adapt to the room environment, and there was the need to ensure a level of consistency across many of Jungle’s smaller suites, which incorporate Genelec 8250 and 8240 systems. As a result, the use of SAM systems in multiple suites guarantees accurate translation of projects across production rooms.  

Supplied by Source Distribution via Bournemouth-based retailer Absolute Music, the system was calibrated using Auto Cal by Source’s Andy Bensley in conjunction with Dolby. 

“Genelec has a fantastic reputation and some of the best products in the world,” says Patrick James, technical director at Jungle. “The Genelec 1238A offers a complete solution in one box and by integrating it into our cinema suite we continue to offer our clients the best in cinema sound.”

The Genelec 1238A is a three-way SAM monitor designed to adapt to its acoustical environment by tuning the frequency response to compensate for acoustical room influences and to achieve the best possible alignment of volume levels at the listening position. The 1238A features a 15-inch (380mm) bass driver, five-inch (130mm) midrange driver and a one-inch (25mm) metal dome tweeter, with the mid- and the high-frequency drivers mounted in the proprietary Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW). Each of the drive units has a power amplifier with a total rating of 500W for the woofer, 250W for the mid-range, and 200W for the tweeter. Frequency response runs from 35Hz up to 21kHz ±2.5dB.

The Genelec 1238A system replaces existing Apogee monitors.