XenData introduces USB 3.0 LTO-6 archiving solution
April 7, 2015

XenData introduces USB 3.0 LTO-6 archiving solution

WALNUT CREEK, CA — XenData (www.xendata.com), which specializes in digital video archive solutions for the media and entertainment industry, is showcasing its new X2500-USB archiving system at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas. The X2500-USB is an LTO-6 archive system that connects to notebooks and workstations via USB 3.0. The system (pictured) includes an external LTO-6 drive with Unitex USB technology and XenData6 workstation management software. It’s well suited for storing video, audio and image files on high capacity LTO cartridges.

XenData is also at NAB with its SX-10 archive appliance for Sony’s Optical Disc Archive external drives and libraries. These new SX-10 models allow users of a range of media asset management systems to archive their assets to Sony’s highly stable Optical Disc Archive cartridges.
For high-performance needs, XenData offers the SXL-5000, an extremely scalable turn-key LTO archive system, powered by an SX-522 archive server. It can scale from 210TBs to over 1PBs of near-line LTO capacity. Crew Cuts in New York City recently installed a solution.

The company’s SXL-3000 is also a turn-key, scalable solution. It combines a XenData SX-520 Series archive server with the Oracle SL150, an expandable robotic LTO library. The SXL3000 can be configured to 300 slots with a near-line LTO capacity of 750TBs, which is equivalent to more than 30,000 hours of HD video recorded at 50 Mbits/s. Archiving occurs at the speed of RAID, without any of the delays often associated with LTO cartridge access times.