Arc 9 collaborative platform adds YouTube integration
March 22, 2016

Arc 9 collaborative platform adds YouTube integration

LOS ANGELES – Arc 9 ( has completed its integration with YouTube, creating a single platform for collaboration, project management, review & approval, and social media management for creative teams, designers and filmmakers. The integration allows collaborators to easily upload, share, manage, review/approve and schedule all video assets to YouTube directly from within the Arc 9 platform.

Arc 9 integration with YouTube also enables creative teams to easily edit posting schedules, and by clicking on each post within Arc 9, immediately see all analytics and performance stats of each video. Arc 9 also integrates cleanly with popular editing platforms such as Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Avid Media Composer. Feedback, comments and changes to video projects are exported directly from Arc 9 into the editing application so editors can instantly see all changes and feedback right on the timeline.

“It’s no secret that YouTube has exploded as the medium to share video content, and today’s creative teams and filmmakers are relying on YouTube to connect directly with their audiences,” said Melissa Davies-Barnett, CEO/founder of Arc 9. “Our strategy at Arc 9 is to create a holistic, global platform in which creative teams can do their best work. And to do that effectively, you not only need the best feature set, but you need to integrate with amazing tools and applications that creative teams want. Providing hooks directly into YouTube that allow Arc 9 teams to schedule postings, check analytics, and monitor the performance of each posted YouTube video - without ever having to leave Arc 9 ecosystem - is a pretty huge leap in productivity for these teams. And when creative teams are effectively collaborating together, they create better content. At the end of the day, that’s our goal.”

The Arc 9 platform is available immediately, and is priced on a subscription model.