Bent Image Lab reveals new AR technology
August 15, 2016

Bent Image Lab reveals new AR technology

PORTLAND, OR — Bent Image Lab ( has introduced their new Augmented Reality platform called youAR. The studio spent the last three years developing youAR along with computer vision technology and systems enabling multiuser, realtime, markerless AR content to be viewed with a single lens smartphone.

Along with the announcement, Bent released a demo video that showcases the use of its
proprietary AR and computer vision technology, titled The Next Level AR!! Bent Pokemon Go Tech Demo.

The video is a fun play on how the current AR technology found in Pokemon Go could be enhanced showing how Bent’s advanced tech could add to the user’s experience in the future. Notably, characters can have an understanding of their environment and multiple users can interact.

“This is the first of many tech demos that Bent will be releasing in the upcoming months,” says Bent’s CEO Ray Di Carlo. “It only scratches the surface of the experiences to come. The ability to bring people together with this new media, and all of its potential social applications, makes this an exciting time.”

Just as smart phones have become ubiquitous in a decade, Bent foresees AR growing into a useful everyday experience for billions in the near future. Bent’s youAR project will vastly improve how Augmented Reality will be experienced, shared and re-posted to become truly social. 

“We are not just defining the parameters of a better AR game system in real space, which the video demonstrates,” says Bent partner David Daniels. “We are engineering an ecosystem that simplifies the complexity that will come with the emerging age of Social AR.”

Bent’s technology roadmap includes: mobile AR development, computer vision, cross platform authoring environments, fast wireless asset deployment as well as art and animation toolsets for mobile developers. Multi-user interactions are possible using Bent’s robust and scalable back-end server deployments to effectively deliver AR content to users.