CyberLink targets 'action camera' users with ActionDirector editing software
May 11, 2016

CyberLink targets 'action camera' users with ActionDirector editing software

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — CyberLink Corp. ( has launched ActionDirector, a new video editing software release that’s specifically aimed at users of action cameras. ActionDirector allows filmmakers to easily and quickly turn raw footage into highlight reels that can then be shared directly to social media channels. 

“While millions of us have adopted action cameras to record our most exciting action adventures, we recognize not everyone has the time or the skill to turn those recordings into clean, professional-quality edited videos we'd be excited to share,” explains Dr. Jau Huang, chairman and CEO of CyberLink. “ActionDirector is a specialized product that addresses this problem and puts the power of action movie making into the hands of everyone, even the very beginners.”

Some of ActionDirector’s features include the ability to edit 4K footage; the ability to import, edit and export slow-motion footage (up to 240fps); and the ability to incorporate, balance and ‘mold’ audio to the video sequence.

CyberLink says the software works with a range of the popular video formats available and does not require transcoding. Themed templates help users create professional-looking movies using via simple drag and drop techniques. A storyboard mode speeds up the process, enabling video effects and the sequence of scenes to be viewed at a glance. Visual effects capabilities include freeze frames, slow motion, zooms, transitions and lens & lighting corrections.

ActionDirector will initially be released as a PC product for $49.99.