Damijan Saccio looks back at UVPhactory and his move to Postal
February 16, 2016

Damijan Saccio looks back at UVPhactory and his move to Postal

NEW YORK — Postal (http://postal.tv), the sister shop of integrated content creation studio Humble, has added to its design and VFX team. Executive producer Damijan Saccio and creative director Gene Nazarov both join Postal from motion design and visual effects studio UVPhactory in New York City.
Saccio co-founded UVPhactory in 2000 and brings talent and experience in the broadcast design and branding space. Prior to co-founding UVPhactory, Saccio served as creative director at 3D visualization house IOMedia, and as lead animator at game developer Cybersites.
Nazarov joined UVPhactory in 2012 as creative director, and previously worked at top design and visual effects shops, including The Mill, Brand New School, and Attik. Saccio and Nazarov have worked with clients ranging from AT&T and Coca-Cola to Condé Nast and General Electric. The shop won numerous awards for its broadcast promos and graphics packages for networks including Syfy and VH1. They also pioneered music videos, such as Björk’s Wanderlust.
"I had been searching for ways of expanding our offerings for our clients and feel like Gene and I found the perfect opportunity at Postal,” says Saccio. “We’re so psyched to work with Sam and Jason, whose skills and strengths complement ours. All the things I had been looking for in terms of production infrastructure and truly high-end VFX capabilities are here at Postal. It was really the perfect opportunity and perfect timing to make a stronger combined whole from the individual parts we all had. It's a very exciting place to be right now!"
According to Saccio, UVPH has been shut down as a separate company, and is, in part, being folded into Postal. 
“I've got my equipment over at the new place now and my core team, and am in the process of re-attaching some of my other personnel as well,” he explains. “I needed to fold the UVPH name because I own the company with [Scott Sindorf] and we decided to split ways during this expansion. We had a secondary company called FloorplanGRP that we had started that focuses on architectural visualization. My business partner will head that up, while I'm continuing what I had built over the past 16 years with UVPhactory, but over at the new Postal division of Humble TV.”
The move comes not long after a fire on the floor below UVPhactory caused the studio to vacate its office.
“It actually all worked out for the best in the end,” Saccio explains. “I've got a really good set up over here at Humble/Postal that includes Flame rooms and a roster of 18 directors, in addition to my usual arsenal of dedicated 2D/3D animators and compositors and designers.”
Saccio can be reached at his new email address: damijan@humble.tv.