releases free review & approval app
May 31, 2016 releases free review & approval app

NEW YORK — ( has unveiled a new iOS app that gives editors, producers, artists, and filmmakers the ability to share, review and collaborate on videos wherever they are. Available on the App Store for free, lets users send and receive realtime and accurate feedback, be it for movie, TV show, or commercial project. 

The app allows for time-based comments and video annotations. Users can draw directly on video frames to accurately communicate their feedback. Video is transcoded in the cloud, so playback compatibility is never an issue. Version control allows users to see what a video looked like any number of versions ago. And ‘Comment Replay’ loops a :04 second range of a video to better provide a sense of context.

Touch scrubbing makes it simple to move and preview video. And Touch ID provides security.

“We spent eight months perfecting the experience for iPhone and it's absolutely amazing”, says CEO, Emery Wells. “The old way of working with email and 10 different file sharing and video review services just wasn't cutting it. We first solved that problem on the web and now with for iOS we've made the entire video review and collaboration experience accessible from anywhere.” 

The app is also available in French and German.


Introducing for iOS from on Vimeo.