Hybrid opens new 'Studio B'
February 23, 2016

Hybrid opens new 'Studio B'

SANTA ANA, CA — Multimedia production company Hybrid Studios (www.HybridStudiosCA.com) has added a new Studio B. The room will help the studio accommodate more sessions, as well as provide a professional workspace for smaller projects.

Studio B is a 500-square-foot studio that’s centered around Benjamin Wright's TAC Matchless 32-channel analog mixing board, through which many award-winning artists were recorded, including Aretha Franklin, Destiny's Child, Outkast and Justin Timberlake.
"Producers and engineers freelancing out of Hybrid Studios needed a more economic option for projects that don't demand the large rooms in Studio A," explains studio manager Mike Miller. "Studio B is built with the same world-class quality as our main rooms, and our clients are thrilled with the results!"

The room was built for isolation, sporting double walls with an air gap, and features the same patented DHDI acoustic wall panels as Studio A. Avid Pro Tools serves as the room’s DAW. There is also processing from API, Neve, Slate Digital, Waves, FX Nexus, and Soundtoys. Monitoring is a combination of Genelec and Yamaha releases. The studio has mics from AEA, AKG, Neumann and Peluso.