JMR ships desktop/DI cart workstation for use with Mac mini
December 1, 2016

JMR ships desktop/DI cart workstation for use with Mac mini

CHATSWORTH, CA — JMR Electronics ( has announced the general availability of their Thunderbolt-certified desktop and rackmount workstation for the Apple Mac mini. The JMR Lightning model LTNG-XD-8-MMDT is an all-new desktop/DI cart complete workstation. The Mac mini installs via an easy slide-in sled from the rear, and the Lightning desktop provides front-panel USB3, audio I/O and media card reader, while the rear panel provides all other Mac connections. 

An internal Thunderbolt controller and two-slot PCIe (x8 full-height slots) expander with an internal 6Gb SAS RAID controller are standard, as well as eight 3.5-inch hot-swappable disk drive bays to provide up to 64TBs of native disk storage capacity (RAID 0/1/4/5/6/40/50/60). The desktop/cart unit will have an optional 9-inch LCD flip-up monitor, which connects to the Mac mini and may be added or removed in the field without tools.

The Lightning desktop is very portable and quiet in operation, cooled by a low-speed centrifugal blower in a removable module. The unit also has an attractive locking, ventilated and hinged front door to prevent accidental disk drive removal or theft, and a Kensington lock slot. MSRP for the unit starts at $3,499, including internal ExpressSAS RAID controller.

“Our newly released Lightning Desktop and Rackmount units for the Mac mini adds enhanced durability, RAID storage and I/O flexibility expansion for workflow applications ranging from DI carts to studio operations,” explains Josef Rabinovitz, president and CEO of JMR Electronics. “Digital imaging technicians, cinematographers, and studio personnel are now able to have a completely self-contained desktop or rackmount workstation to utilize the full power of the Mac mini from on-site shoots to studio workflows, saving significant cost and time.”