Magilla licenses Forscene for reality TV work
April 12, 2016

Magilla licenses Forscene for reality TV work

NEW YORK — Magilla Entertainment (, a creator of non-scripted television programming, has licensed Forbidden Technologies’ Forscene ( for one-year. Forscene is cloud-based professional video editing software. Magilla will use the software to streamline its post workflow and bring down costs on a variety of the reality shows it produces, including the recent 18 episode up-order of Diesel Brothers for Discovery Channel. 
Diesel Brothers follows Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the crew at Dieselsellerz - a go-to destination for diesel lovers looking for customized trucks and parts. The series premiered in January on Discovery Channel. Producing the show involves multiple cameras and spans several weeks as trucks are being build. Thousands of hours of footage are generated. 

The Magilla team was looking for a solution that would provide access to the footage immediately after it was shot, and allow them to log and search during production. Forscene’s ability to run on almost any device over a standard internet connection while also providing a full post production toolset made it very attractive. The software provides multicam and multigroup functionality, has auxiliary TC capabilities, and offers the ability to move work created in the software to other leading NLE platforms.

“I am positive that using Forscene will save us huge amounts of time early on in the production process,” says Sabine Kertscher, Magilla Entertainment’s VP of post production. “It will bring production closer to post - footage will hit our story producers on the day it was shot. This alone will speed up our workflow substantially. Overall, using Forscene will allow us to keep working in the same way, only better and faster. With its excellent added features and total flexibility, it will substantially speed up both production and post.”
Magilla was established in 2009 by long time colleagues and executive producers Matthew Ostrom and Laura Palumbo Johnson; both of whom have been active in the television world for over 20 years. The company’s hits include Discovery’sMoonshiners, TLC’s Long Island Medium and HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.