New scoring stage opens in Austria
July 15, 2016

New scoring stage opens in Austria

VIENNA, AUSTRIA — The historic Synchron Stage Vienna recently re-opened, and has already been used by composer Hans Zimmer on several occassions. Earlier this year, Remote Control Productions chose Synchron Stage Vienna to record music for the upcoming Ron Howard-directed feature Inferno, which will feature a score by Zimmer. The new Netflix series The Crown, scored by Zimmer and Rupert Gregson-Williams, also made use of the facility. And Zimmer recorded the music for two new Volvo commercials, which were presented during the studio’s opening gala.

Virtual instrument and sample library Vienna Symphonic Library took the initiative to renovate the landmark and upgraded the interior to create a world class recording facility. Located in the Austrian capital, the complex offers state-of-the-art recording technology, superior acoustics, and a unique integration of VSL’s software applications, such as Vienna MIR Pro.  

Herb Tucmandl, CEO and founder of Vienna Symphonic Library, identified the need for a hybrid studio some years ago – one that would provide uncompromising orchestral recording facilities, yet was flexible enough to accommodate all modern production approaches. Tucmandl eventually purchased the original 1940s stage that had been neglected for some time.  

The studio features a substantial, original, room-in-room construction with a three meter gap all the way around the central 540-square-meter Stage A, which can accommodate orchestras of up to 130 musicians. "It sounds really open," notes Bernd Mazagg, technical director & chief audio engineer at Synchron Stage Vienna. “I think it's one of the best rooms in the world."

Additional studio and office facilities surround that central stage, including the 80-square-meter 'B' live room, Control Rooms A and B, production lounges and facilities, and offices. A Dante network connects every room to every other room so that every audio channel is available anywhere in the facility.

There is also a temperature-controlled basement instrument storage area with direct elevator access to the main stage. The air quality and temperature is the same in the studios as it is in the instrument storage spaces (for pianos and percussion), so that all the instruments are in perfect condition at all times and can be selected for recording immediately. On top of this, the ventilation is absolutely noise-free, therefore recordings are not affected by its operation.