Picturemill creates opens for AMC's <i>Preacher</i> & <i>Feed the Beast</i>
July 21, 2016

Picturemill creates opens for AMC's Preacher & Feed the Beast

BURBANK, CA — Picturemill (http://picturemill.com) recently created opening sequences for two new AMC television series. Led by creative director William Lebeda, the studio created the opening titles for both Preacher and Feed the Beast.  

As longtime fans of the comic book Preacher, Lebeda and the Picturemill team were thrilled to be involved in the series open. The Preacher open reflects the dark, comedic drama, which follows Texas preacher Jesse Custer, who has the power to make people do his bidding. The open features dry Texas landscapes and local imagery, along with blocky type introducing the show’s cast. The guitar-driven soundtrack adds further regional flavor.

For AMC’s new drama series Feed the Beast, Picturemill worked closely with show creator and executive producer Clyde Phillips to craft an opening sequence that captures the incongruity of opening a fine dining restaurant in the Bronx. For the sequence, Lebeda directed the on-location shoot in New York City. The team then composited elegant dining tables within the rough and gritty environments, including a basketball court, train station, subway car, crime scenes and cemetery. Picturemill also designed and animated the “wolf and lamb” logo, which has branded the show both on- and off-air.