APM partners with military vets to create unique music library
June 26, 2017

APM partners with military vets to create unique music library

HOLLYWOOD — APM Music (www.apmmusic.com), a supplier of original music for producers of entertainment and multimedia content, has launched a new music library/series titled Unsung Heroes. The library represents a songwriting collaboration between American veterans and accomplished APM songwriters and composers. The first album in the series is titled “Unsung Heroes: Volume 1,” and offers tracks that can be licensed for usage within film, television, advertising, or various media projects.

Unsung Heroes team members (L-R): Christian Ramirez, Ken Stacey, Richard Casper, Will Jorgenson, Doug Petty, Mike Habschmidt, and Linda Tarrson (front).

Unsung Heroes is a partnership between APM, US veteran Richard Casper, and philanthropist Linda Tarrson, who founded Casparr to work with APM Music to create the powerful and moving songs found in the Unsung Heroes collection. Casparr provides the financial structure through which monies earned by the licensing by APM of the songs featured within Unsung Heroes can go directly to benefit the veterans who have contributed to each song. Casper and Tarrson are also the co-founders of CreatiVets (www.creativets.org), a non-profit organization that helps wounded veterans by integrating the healing power of music and the arts into their lives. Casper is a wounded American veteran whose experiences during wartime duty have led him to dedicate his life to helping other vets. 

“Unsung Heroes – Vol. 1” includes nine songs (both vocal and non-vocal versions) each of which were co-written by an American veteran and accomplished songwriters and composers. These veterans and songwriters were paired up in APM’s studios during the concept phase of each tune, during which time the veterans would talk about their experiences during wartime and in front of their eyes, a new song would emerge. APM’s songwriters would then go back into the recording studio and produce a full professional recording in Los Angeles or Nashville recording studios. APM Music then handled the final mixing and mastering.  

The veterans and songwriters/composers who co-created Unsung Heroes share songwriting credit and revenues generated by the licensing of their songs in TV programming, movies, videogames, commercials, webisodes and all other forms of audio-visual production. In addition, a percentage of APM Music’s profits generated by licensing songs from Unsung Heroes will be donated to CreatiVets.