Autodesk's 'Journey to VR' offers insight from content creators
August 2, 2017

Autodesk's 'Journey to VR' offers insight from content creators

LOS ANGELES — In Autodesk’s “Journey to VR” series, the company catches up with industry pros who are at the forefront of AR and VR content creation. The company’s Website presents numerous conversations, articles and tutorials with users of their 3ds Max and Maya toolsets. These industry influencers and Autodesk experts discuss the realities of creating a first-time AR experience.

In a recent “Journey to VR” post, Daryl Obert show how to create a low-poly model with clean topology from high-poly scanned data. He notes how easy it is when using Multicut and Quadraw from Maya 2018’s Modeling Toolkit. Obert finishes the demo off by showing how to quickly layout UVs and bake textures to capture all the detail in the original data.

In another post, Obert gives a quick pitch for his next project, one in which he’s jumping into the world of AR by using Autodesk’s Maya, Max, Unity, and other hardware to make an AR product configure.

The Mill’s group director, emerging technology, Boo Wong, is also featured online, where she talks about the importance of purpose, directorship, and experimentation – and AR as the next computing platform. 

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