Cage debuts new collaboration platform
August 17, 2017

Cage debuts new collaboration platform

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Cage, a developer of collaboration software, has launched its all-new platform — a project management and workflow solution built specifically for creative and production teams. Cage streamlines team communication, project management, collaborative media reviews, asset management and approval routing, helping teams simplify processes and increase productivity, all inside a single platform.
Cage’s current enterprise customers include brands such as Sapient, CMT, The Foundry, Best Buy, Crayola, Intel, Leo Burnett, Jim Henson Company and Lego. New customers can sign up for a 15-day free trial at

“Our customers are looking for ways to get out of their inboxes and simplify their collaborative processes, so that they can focus on creating amazing work,” says Sandip Patel, CEO and co-founder of Cage. “We built Cage to provide a single platform for teams to manage people, assets, communication, and approvals. The goal is to help teams make the most of their work days and exceed expectations by putting an end to daily status meetings, shoulder-tap interruptions and long, confusing email threads.” 

Cage enables customers to review, annotate and comment directly on top of 150 file formats, including video, for greater context without needing any additional software. Users can also create custom branded presentations to collaborate and review work with clients. Cage allows users to securely store, version and share assets in a centralized place. Users can also initiate faster approvals directly with clients and reviewers in-app. A project’s tasks canbe organized and work delegated to teams, where milestones canbe tracked across projects. And private messages can also be posted, only viewable by team members. Public messages for clients and reviewers can also be created.