Foundry hosts film industry 'all stars'
July 31, 2017

Foundry hosts film industry 'all stars'

LOS ANGELES — Foundry hosted its All Stars event on Sunday, July 30th, with special guests that included talent from Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Animal Logic, Double Negative, Blur, Spin VFX and id Software. Together, the guests discussed their work on some of the biggest blockbuster projects of the year. 

Alex Mahon, CEO Foundry, says: “This year at SIGGRAPH, we were thrilled to gather Foundry’s experts and roster of impressive clients at this prestigious event. SIGGRAPH gives us a unique opportunity to showcase our latest products and innovations to the industry.

Over the course of three days, Foundry also is showcasing its software at the Foundry booth (309), where a selection of exclusive, in-depth client presentations will occur from Aaron Sims Creative, Weta Digital, Animal Logic, Keen, Jellyfish Pictures, Spin VFX, Sony Pictures Animation and Gadget-Bot.

During SIGGRAPH, Foundry is offering attendees the chance to explore its anticipated new products Elara and Bunsen. Elara, the innovative cloud-based platform – giving an edge to independent professionals and small to medium-sized studios – is launching in open beta at this year’s event. Foundry is also showcasing the latest demo of Bunsen, a new product focused on the AEC space that provides the foundation for building unified and scalable enterprise visualization pipelines.  Through a powerful rules-based workflow, Bunsen aims to reduce the complexity and pain often associated with scaling up the quantity and fidelity of VR, AR, and pre-rendered 3D content produced in CAD pipelines.

Foundry is additionally hosting a series of product-focused events where customers can meet the teams behind the tools, learn about product development and participate in forward looking discussions with Foundry staff and their peers. This includes the Foundry Design Summit, Katana + Mari meet ups, and a meet up focused on the VR community using Foundry’s revolutionary VR toolkit, Cara VR. 

A panel for the SIGGRAPH Student Volunteers, aimed at encouraging the next generation of industry talent, is also being held by Foundry. Meanwhile, Foundry’s own Head of Research, Dr. Jon Starck, is taking part in a special VR panel discussion called Video for Virtual Reality at the SIGGRAPH LACC room alongside other industry experts.