Jon Peddie Research discusses 3D content at annual luncheon
August 2, 2017

Jon Peddie Research discusses 3D content at annual luncheon

LOS ANGELES — The use and size of 3D models is increasing and so are the opportunities for using them, including graphic images, 3D printing, and animation. In addition, AR and VR are literally adding a new dimension to those applications. Different companies are taking different approaches and addressing different audiences, but in the end, the goal is to open up 3D content creation to more people. 

This is a long road, and there are many failures along the wayside. What's different now? What do we see coming in the future? How does AI help the creative process? How closely are the professional hardware suppliers cooperating and sharing visions with the ever more nimble software suppliers? Roadmap projects between these symbiotic players are essential to making the future happen now.

Six visionaries in the industry discussed this vital topic and offered their insights on the subject in a JPR panel titled “The long road to 3D for all.” They are: Kun Gao, cofounder and president of Boulder Graphics LLC; Tom Sanocki, CEO and founder of Limitless Ltd.; Sutha Kamal, VP technology strategry at Technicolor; Erik Stauss, head of engineering at Sony Pictures Imageworks; Joel Pennington, Autodesk AR/VR strategy; and Marc Petit, GM of Epic Games.

The event was hosted by Jon Peddie and Kathleen Maher of Jon Peddie Research.