Music Video: Raymond Castellon — <I>Negra</i>
August 18, 2017

Music Video: Raymond Castellon — Negra

MIAMI — Recording artist Raymond Castellon worked with Grammy-winner Yadam Gonzales to write and produced his song “Negra,” as well as to create its music video. 

According to Castellon, the song offers an in-depth view of his childhood, particularly the unforgettable image of his father calling his mother “Negra.” The word has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin, but instead reflects the love that emanates from the man every time he sees his lovely wife. 

Gonzalez served as director of photography on the project, as well as co-editor. 

“We used a Sony A7s2 with a Sony Gmaster 2470mm lens,” recalls Castellon. “We edited the video on Final Cut X. This video was filmed in Cuba. The story, is (that of) a shoe maker, Negra. This is a common word within the Caribbean and Latin America to express love… This word is poetry to the ears of all the women within the latin world.”