Music Video: Tony Gottlob — <I>Morning Comes Breaking</I>
June 12, 2017

Music Video: Tony Gottlob — Morning Comes Breaking

Songwriter/vocalist Tony Gottlob recently released a music video for his folk track “Morning Comes Breaking.” The song tells the story of a young soldier, who is torn by his love for his beautiful sweetheart and the need to serve to protect this nation’s freedom.

The project was written and directed by Gottlob, and was produced by Steve Torbeck of First Take Video.
Panasonic’s HPX-500 and Canon’s 5D were used for the shoot. Editing and VFX were achieved through Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, thanks to Jeff Stanley of DiMo Digital Motion. 

The music was arranged by Ron Livingston, and the video is dedicated to Marine pilot, Captain Alexis Ramirez, as well as to the men and women who are protecting the United States.