Z CAM & ASSIMILATE Simplify and Demystify VR Productions with First, Complete, Integrated VR/360 Workflow

Z CAM & ASSIMILATE Simplify and Demystify VR Productions with First, Complete, Integrated VR/360 Workflow

Z CAM S1/SCRATCH VR Z Bundle – Winner of Post Magazine’s NAB 2017 Post Picks

Creators of VR experiences just got a big boost in ease-of-use from Z CAM and ASSIMILATE®, who are also lowering the threshold to entry, making VR a viable media for all content creators. Z CAM and ASSIMILATE have partnered to offer the first complete, integrated VR workflow with the Z CAM S1/SCRATCH VR Z Bundle: from image acquisition with Z CAM’s S1 Professional VR Camera, and stitching with its WonderStitch software, through to a streamlined VR post-production workflow with ASSIMILATE’s real-time SCRATCH® VR Z tools. Content creators in every market benefit with the ability to now focus on their creativity and storytelling rather than wrangling the complexities of technology.

Live Streaming: Stream live 360 from the Z CAM S1 through SCRATCH VR Z and easily use advanced, real-time features like inserting/composting graphics/text overlays, including animations, and keying for elements like green screen – all then streaming live to Facebook Live 360.

360 Post Production, Simplified: It’s easy to switch back and forth between the S1 functions and the SCRATCH VR Z tools. SCRATCH VR Z can be used to do live camera preview, prior to shooting with the S1. During the shoot, SCRATCH VR Z is then used for dailies and data management, including meta-data. No more removing of SD cards and copying; it’s a direct connect to the PC and then to the camera via a high-speed Ethernet port. Stitching of the imagery is done in Z CAM’s WonderStitch, now integrated into SCRATCH VR Z, then follow on with traditional editing, color grading, compositing, multichannel audio from the S1 or adding external ambisonic sound, finishing, and publishing to all final online or stand-alone 360 platforms.

Kinson Loo, CEO at Z CAM, notes “The ease-of-use and price/performance value of the integrated S1/SCRATCH VR Z bundle opens the doors to all content creators and professional users in a wide variety of markets – entertainment, medical, engineering, education, simulation, games, and more. The focus shifts to pushing their creative limits rather than spending days piecing together a complex hardware/software solution.”

“The market has been fragmented by a complex mix of cameras and software tools that often results in hours of frustration,” said Jeff Edson, CEO at ASSIMILATE. “With this joint bundle we’ve eliminated the hassles of working in a new technology. Ease-of-use and affordability are now factors in the VR equation, which will drive the growth of VR productions, making VR/360 content a ubiquitous way to experience the world.”

Neotopy’s studio team in Paris, France includes storytellers, filmmakers, and sound engineers who specialize in immersive VR/360 cinematic experiences. Alexandre Regeffe, VR post-production manager at Neotopy, noted, "In the future, we'll be using the Z CAM S1 and ASSIMILATE SCRATCH VR Z to create our VR productions. This integrated workflow is a game changer in creating VR experiences because our focus will now be creativity and storytelling rather than configuring multiple, costly tools and workflows.” www.neotopy.com

Priced at $4,999.00 (USD), the Z CAM S1/SCRATCH VR Z bundle is available within 30 days of ordering.