Atk Pln partners with Butcher to broaden services
May 4, 2018

Atk Pln partners with Butcher to broaden services

DALLAS — The recently launched strategic creative group Atk Pln has boosted its editorial offerings by forming a strategic alliance with LA-based production shop Butcher Post. Atk Pln will represent Butcher’s  full slate of editorial talent in the Texas market, with Butcher representing Atk Pln’s talent in their market. Atk Pln’s design, animation and live action services will be complemented by the cutting skills of Butcher’s editors.

Atk Pln was launched in February by Reel FX commercial division and former Shilo owner/creative director Jose Sebastian Gomez, who is leading the shop as executive creative director. The company has offices in Dallas and Montreal, as well as Dallas.

“With Atk Pln, we aim to bring our clients the best creative services across creative strategy, production and post production, which means we will continue to focus on our strengths and partner with like-minded companies to complement our in-house skillset,” says managing director David Bates. “Aligning with Butcher Post’s team of talented editors will allow us to offer our clients top-notch editorial services while we focus on the design, animation, live action and creative strategy that our team excels best at.”

Butcher Post has also adapted to the future of work in the commercial production space. After noticing an increasing trend in clients requesting that editors work out of their office spaces, they made the shift in 2016 to eliminate a brick and mortar location, allowing the flexibility to go directly to their clients on a project-by-project basis.

“David and EP Jim Riche are truly looking toward the future in what they are creating at Atk Pln,” says Butcher Post’s executive producer, Rob Van. “One of our goals has always been to align with companies with similar mindsets that will resonate with our clients, and Atk Pln is a great fit.”