Cinedeck's CineX API streamlines insert editing & more
April 2, 2018

Cinedeck's CineX API streamlines insert editing & more

NEW YORK CITY — Cinedeck (, developer of CineXtools, multi-codec, true file-based insert editing, has launched CineX API, a RESTful API toolset that provides the keys for automating a variety of file modification processes, including Cinedeck’s insert edit. CineX API enables a “No Transcode” workflow by manipulating existing file essence instead of re-rendering, exporting and QCing entirely new files. 

With unrestricted API and command-line access to the full complement of CineXtools functions, CineX API enables changes to be made to many files or just one, all under control of any MAM capable of addressing routines via a RESTful API. And, because an insert edit takes only a fraction of the processing power that a typical transcode workflow would consume, it’s light on hardware requirements, making it a cost-effective complement to existing automated file delivery workflows.

Typical transform workflows like changing a slate, then re-encoding and QCing 30 episodes would typically mean a week of work. With CineX API, a connected MAM could complete the job in just minutes. Tasks like marrying final audio with a video master is often a time consuming multi-step process, but CineX API can complete the job in a fraction of the time, with no rendering or encoding.

“We’re committed to enabling workflow efficiency through partnerships and CineX API is the first of these projects that allow unfettered integration with Cinedeck technologies,” says Charles Dautremont, Cinedeck CTO. “CineX API is all about streamlining workflows and truly leveraging existing content at the file essence level, enabling dramatic cost and time savings.”

Cinedeck has delivered the first installation of CineX API for UK-based Envy Post, integrated with Reach Engine, the media management environment from Levels Beyond. A demo of the integration work, completed by software consultancy company 10dot1, will be shown at NAB (Booth SL10827).