Coco Pops characters receive a refresh
July 23, 2018

Coco Pops characters receive a refresh

DUBLIN, IRELAND — Kellogg's iconic Coco Pops characters received a refresh in 2018, which can be seen in new, pan-European spots created by production studio Piranha Bar. Conceived by Digitas in London, the new spots offer a bolder and richer take on Coco the Monkey, as well as his arch nemesis, Croc the crocodile.
The flagship commercial depicts a swash buckling, nail-biting chase up a volcanic peak, with impressive stunt work from Coco, as he surfs through a stream of crispies and parachutes out of danger. Explaining the re-design, co-director Gavin Kelly says the goal of the production was to create a bigger action feel overall, while introducing a more nimble and skilled Coco.

“We wanted to make the final film feel more frenetic and exciting than the legacy Coco Pop spots by giving them a cinematic action flair and Indiana Jones style spectacle,” says Kelly. “The sets and characters also benefit from greater detail and richness, ensuring that the animation feels premium and up to date for an increasingly discerning animation audience.”

The rich world building and character work by Piranha Bar will be seen in subsequent spots, including the recently released Panini World Cup promotion, in which Coco and his soccer-playing friends battle it out in a spectacular jungle ruin setting.

“Crafting the new Coco Pops world has enabled us and the team at Piranha Bar to open up new possibilities for the characters as they graduate from playful icons to cinematic action heroes,” says co-director Richard Chaney.
“It was a dream come true for us to be handed the keys to such an iconic brand and character world,” adds Kelly. “We had a blast updating Coco and dialling up the excitement factor for this epic spot.”

Emily Brady served a producer and Sam Boyd was 3D lead. Mario Domingos, Ciaran Talbot and Darren Cullis all handled 3D work. Conor Ryan served as lead animator, and Mark Shaw also contributed animation. Keith Fallon created the particle effects. Pedro Santos and Arron Inglis both handled Flame effects and compositing. The soundtrack was provided by String and Tins.