Deluxe launches Deluxe One cloud-based platform
April 10, 2018

Deluxe launches Deluxe One cloud-based platform

LOS ANGELES — Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. has announced the launch of Deluxe One  (, a new platform that unifies all stages of the content ecosystem — from creation to viewer experience — in one cloud-based interface. An open platform, Deluxe One is designed to integrate with any vendor or customer system.
“More and more, customers are working to shorten the time between camera lens and screen,” says John Wallace, chief executive officer for Deluxe. “As the only industry provider that can deliver the full range of services from content creation through distribution, Deluxe is uniquely positioned to bridge this divide and power this new age of storytelling. Deluxe One offers a seamless way for companies of all sizes to access our services — from pre-production to playout — and reaffirms our commitment to persistent innovation.”
Deluxe One unifies a network of micro-services accessed through an intuitive interface that helps customers streamline their workflow, whether they are using Deluxe’s end-to-end solution or just a piece of it. Designed to reduce hand-offs between vendors and speed up turnaround times through automation, Deluxe One allows customers to get their content to audiences around the world quickly and reliably.
“Deluxe One completely reimagines how content gets made and delivered,” explains Andy Shenkler, chief product officer for Deluxe. “The modular architecture enables integration with vendor and customer APIs, unifying what was once a very fragmented ecosystem of services and offering it to customers through a single interface that gives them control and visibility throughout the entire media lifecycle.”
In contrast to traditional siloed solutions, Deluxe One acts as an open hub, allowing not only customers but other vendors to connect their business with Deluxe and benefit from the power and breadth of the platform while co-creating value. Vendor partners that are currently integrated in the platform include DLVR: multi-CDN switching and optimization for peak streaming performance; Globant: OTT platform solutions for publishers and content creators; Hybrik, high-quality cloud-based transcoding at scale; and Mediamorph, rights information and management to automate operational content flows.