Editor Rami D’Aguiar joins the Nice Shoes team
June 19, 2018

Editor Rami D’Aguiar joins the Nice Shoes team

NEW YORK CITY — Editor Rami D’Aguiar has signed on with Nice Shoes (www.niceshoes.com), bringing with him credits that include work for brands such as Mitsubishi, Pepsi, Fiat and Heineken, amongst many others. D’Aguiar comes to Nice Shoes through the efforts of the studio’s executive producer, development, TJ Sponzo, who has a focus on curating talent from around the globe.

“Rami has an infectious passion for commercial storytelling,” says Sponzo. “Whether he has a few minutes or :30 of your time, he’s so skilled at crafting a story within a limited time frame, but at a massive scale. His enthusiasm shines through in every project he touches.”

D’Aguiar’s work often takes brands through cinematic scenarios. This is especially true in the editor’s repeat work for agency Africa and director Vellas for Mitsubishi, where a warriors from throughout the ages attempt to thwart a Mitsubishi L200 Triton; an astronaut mistakes an Outlander for a space shuttle; and a post-apocalyptic survivor comfortably ambles through a hellish landscape in his car to find the best burger in town. While his work has brought him in contact with quite a few North American creative teams, D’Aguiar has been looking for a partner that he could have a more consistent presence with.

“I’ve been looking for a partner that would aid me in growing my international career,” says the editor. “I connected with TJ almost immediately, and with every person I’ve met at Nice Shoes I’ve felt a strong connection. I’m very excited to begin telling stories with their team and with their clients.”