FilmLight experts presenting HDR master classes
May 8, 2018

FilmLight experts presenting HDR master classes

LONDON — To help colorists, DPs and the wider production and post industry understand the opportunities and challenges that HDR and new delivery formats bring, FilmLight is hosting worldwide master classes. The company already presented session in London and Mumbai, and has plans to offer master classes in Hollywood on June 4th and in Seoul on June 7th. Additional dates will be added.

The one-day master class is free for registered participants, and will be hosted by an experienced member of the FilmLight team, who will guide the group through some of the key factors that are changing production and finishing today. Attendees will look at the technical aspects of working in color-managed workflows, and have the chance to discuss best practices for real-world projects.

Topics that will be discussed include setting up the pipeline for projects involving multiple camera origination and mastering camera matching, through to the large number of deliverables expected today. This will include the elements of HDR, its display and its distribution. 

Drawing on experiences from recently released movies and TV projects, the master classes will look at questions of moving between color spaces and show the latest color science and grading tools in action. The aim is to increase and optimize productivity and support creativity by making the master grade more intuitive and image-driven, with the underlying technology making the creation of multiple deliverables more automated.

FilmLight expert making presentations include Daniel Siragusano (pictured, Seoul and London), Andy Minuth (Mumbai) and Peter Postma (Hollywood). 

“HDR has just multiplied the number of deliverables producers demand from a movie today,” says Siragusano. “Making sure they consistently achieve the vision of the director and DoP is a challenge. FilmLight has transformed its grading tools to give colorists the power to grade in one color space and be confident that it is portable across all deliverables. These master classes are a chance for practitioners to get into the real details, to understand the practical challenges of HDR, and to familiarize themselves with practical workflows.”

Upon the completion of the master class, attendees will be given access to the FilmLight online educational resources as well as a 90-day license for Baselight Student. To register, visit: