FilmLight launches BLG for Flame plug-in
April 3, 2018

FilmLight launches BLG for Flame plug-in

LONDON — At NAB 2018, FilmLight is launching BLG for Flame, the latest product in the company’s Baselight Editions range. BLG for Flame is a Linux-only plug-in for Autodesk Flame that applies a Baselight grade automatically, either from Baselight Linked Grade (BLG) files or directly from a Baselight scene. 

BLG for Flame applies a grade that has been authored in another FilmLight product – be it Baselight, Prelight, Daylight or Baselight Editions for Avid or Nuke. In its initial implementation for Flame 2018, grades can be exported as BLG files to a directory, where BLG for Flame will match the shots based on timecode and automatically apply the grade. In the upcoming Flame 2019 release, grades can be pulled directly and automatically from a Baselight scene – even while the scene is being graded on the full Baselight system.

BLG for Flame allows the Flame artist to see how their work will look with the grade applied. The artist can also produce graded work-in-progress renders for clients without the round trip of rendering out new images from the Baselight system. This ability means a more timely approach, as the VFX artist can easily and quickly access graded material without the assistance of the colorist.

“BLG for Flame is a great metadata-only workflow between Flame and Baselight – allowing you to apply BLGs to shots in Flame on an entire timeline or individual shots in Batch,” says Will Harris, Flame family product manager at Autodesk. “I think it will be a fantastic new workflow enabler and a boon for Flame and Baselight users, allowing artists to quickly apply the latest color grade on their work-in-progress conform or compositing.”

BLG for Flame will be released in Q2 2018, and visitors to NAB will be able to see the product working in Flame 2019 on the FilmLight booth (SL4310) as well as at the Autodesk Suite at the Renaissance Hotel (#632).

Baselight Editions 5 for Avid and Nuke are also being demonstrated on the FilmLight booth. Baselight 5 for Avid is on the Avid booth (SU902) too, with daily presentations from Mike Nuget, colorist and finishing editor. Nuget has a rich experience in grading both high profile documentaries and series, including the recent Netflix series Rotten, and the Academy Award nominated short documentary, Edith & Eddie. At NAB he will share his experiences using the new Baselight for Avid 5 tools, with HDR in mind.

“Baselight for Avid has changed the way I look at projects altogether,” says Nuget. “Now I can approach workflows and color correction in a whole new way. Being able to take advantage of FilmLight’s color toolset within my platform of choice is exactly what I need to take my color to the next level. For Edith & Eddie, there were times when I needed to color in both Avid and the full Baselight system almost simultaneously. Not only was I able to do this flawlessly and quickly – I had control of the grade at every step.”